CLOUD Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is made up of various elements all of which combined can provide a business with a complete Cloud based solution. The reason that this is so popular is that it is all about subscriptions. No more big Capex projects and dramatically less cost associated with ongoing engineering management of servers. Think Private Cloud and Public Cloud and then think CEOs of Cloud to tailor your solution.


Telephony from anywhere. We have been doing this for over a decade. Clients have their PBX in the Cloud. Multiple Offices easily connected even if in other countries. It does not matter how large or small your organisation is. There is only one telephone/communication solution that makes sense today and that is VoIP.



Remember those statistics about 90% of CRM and ERP projects failing? It was probably enough to put you off the idea forever; 12-18 months of chaos, expense and a slim chance of realising benefits at the end! Fortunately that's all in the past, and CRM and ERP projects today can be very different. 

Using Cloud CRM and ERP there are no expensive servers to buy, no complex databases to manage, no unweildy application screens to master. Instead, CRM and ERP are available immediately, in your web browser, mobile device and email program.  Of course you'll want to import data and adapt processes to suit your needs, and again the good news is that with the right expert advice on board. this takes weeks not years to achieve.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

We are living in the subscription economy and that means we can choose to pay as we go with monthly subscriptions for the software that runs our businesses.  The advantage goes beyond just the absence of capital expense. We can maximise the agility of the business allowing it to scale up and down with variable costs accordingly and to change direction without being locked in to an obsolete technology platform as better options become available.

If you're running legacy applications, old versions or not using technology to a large extent, SaaS could be a game changer for your business productivity.

Electronic Documents/ CLOUD Storage

Tempted to print this page? Don't do it. There's much too much that is still being printed when there is no need.  Not only will a cloud based document management system save you from print costs, the bigger efficiency is the saving in time spend filing and retrieving or recreating information. Instead find any information in microseconds with a document management system and search.

You'll be amazed how much faster business can move with other electronic document solutions such as electronic signatures to speed up your sales cycle, or automated document assembly to produce perfect sets of project documents and reports every time.

Custom Applications and Mobile Apps

To survive we must differentiate and that means special know how. The kind that you can't just download in a ready made solution. For those situations the cloud can be an accelerator to developing your own individual solutions.

Cloud is an accelerator to software development because it provides building blocks that can be assembled rather than everything needing to be done from a standing start.  

We follow a Buy, Assemble and Build approach that means you only build the minimum and get the rest of what you need from pre-exisitng sources.

This makes custom software development affordable when previously it was not.

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