You've heard of the 3 Musketeers and the 3 Amigos, well CEOs of Cloud is headed up by 3 CEO's that together with trusted associates span the breadth of cloud technologies you're likely to need.

Robert Ek
CEO Go Systems

Rob is the infrastructure, network and telephony expert on the team. If you need Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) such as AWS, Azure, or Private Cloud Rob can architect the best cloud services to achieve that, and his support team can keep it running smoothly in accordance with your service level needs

Claudius Sithole
CEO Eagle360 Consulting

Claudius founded and runs a company that has helped hundreds of organisations transform. He leads a team of highly skilled consultants who rapidly implement integrated Business Solutions covering Commerce, Distribution, Finance, Business Intelligence and Customer Relationship Management.

David Perks
CEO Cloud Fixers

David is the strategist and integrator. He and his team can use the power of custom development and cloud services known as Platform as a Service (PaaS) to make your business seamless. This might mean digitizing paper processes, building a nice user experience or creating dashboards to make sense of a mishmash of data.

CEOs of Cloud Associates

Good as we are, when CEOs of Cloud become your partners, we are not confined to bringing the knowledge and skills of the people in our own businesses alone.

We have a cadre of trusted associates who specialise in fields like Cyber Security, User Experience, People and Culture, Data Science, Program Management, Interim Management and Recruitment.

Through these associations we are able to perform as a one-stop shop for digital transformation, and all of the inferences it brings to business change.

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